KYCKYN is a pathway of guided and facilitated conversations, based on information gathered from within the congregation and the wider parish.

The conversation and activities focus on the gifts and assets of both the congregation, church and within the neighbourhood in which the church is located.

The conversations and activities are intended to:

  1. Develop a vision for your neighbourhood, as you begin to think about what a flourishing neighbourhood might look like and how God might be discovered within it.
  2. Understand the place of your church within the neighbourhood, as you think about and collect information on how your church looks, feels and interacts with people who are not currently involved in the life of church.
  3. Learn about your local neighbourhood, finding out more about its strengths and needs through a process of collecting information and listening to friends, neighbours, local people and organisations.
  4. Develop an active response, as you prayerfully reflect on all you have learnt and decide what to do next.

We talk about this process being a journey during which discoveries are made and the destination becomes the starting point for the next stage of the journey as the church sets out on its mission within its neighbourhood.

To find out more please contact Together Newcastle:

Community co masthead