Skills 2

Ideas and Skills Sharing

All projects start with a great idea

At Together Newcastle we may be a small team, but between us we have over 50 years of experience and knowledge working in the voluntary and community sector. We have developed extensive networks and wide range of contacts. If you need some help or piece of information if we dont know we will probably know some one who does!

If you are wanting to know more about your neighbourhood, how to get involved or simply have an idea you want to explore we are happy to help. Maybe your idea needs developing or you need to source some funding to get it off the ground, we can help you look for funding opportunities and complete the application forms.

Please get in touch with us to see how we can help:


The Mothers Union

The Mothers Union members have a wealth of experience knowledge and skills and we are working with them and Changing Lives who work with vulnerable people and families who are experiencing homelessness, addiction and a range of problems.

Together we are matching the skills of Mother Union members and the needs of Changing Lives service users. For example improving independent living skills cookery, budgetting reading and numerecy skills.

Mothers Union Branches are also responding to other practical needs for example gathering pieces of furniture and equipment for setting up home, being part of a "buddying" support scheme when homeless people move into Independent living.

To find out more please contact Together Newcastle: